Development and Protoyping

Using our 3D CAD/CAM expertise we can model and exactly reproduce parts and components that are no longer in production.

L & R Precision Engineering Clean Scope Mount - Development
This reproduction has been finished complete with tooling marks as found on the original.

L&R Precision Engineering has developed a variety of high-quality products and components including a replacement headset for vintage cycles. Precision machined and incorporating sealed aircraft bearing technology with sealed locking nut, these headsets are self-centralising and can be manufactured to fit any threaded fork. Providing greater reliability and durability these headsets can be made from aluminium alloy, stainless steel or titanium.

L & R Precision Engineering Head Spanner - Prototyping
L & R Precision Engineering Headset - Prototyping
L & R Precision Engineering 1 Inch Housing

By working closely with ‘The Safety Knife Company’ and applying our CAD/CAM expertise we have been able to refine the concept for a range of unique high-quality stainless steel safety knives’ into a fully functional product that can be manufactured in volume.

L & R Precision Engineering Safety Knife - Prototyping